USCS 6850 - Boiler Internal Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor

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USCS 6850 is for the treatment of boiler internal surfaces, to prevent deposition of iron and calcium and other foulants. The product should typically be used in conjunction with an oxygen scavenger (USCS 600), and a condensate neutralizer (amine, ammonia, or pretreatment such as RO or Dealkalization).

  • USCS 6850 Boiler Internal Treatment should be fed into the boiler feedwater, or directly into the boiler water.
  • Dosage rate of 4-10 ppm product in the boiler feedwater. 
  • Measure using PO4 test (Hach color wheel test kit or DR 890 Test #79; PhosVer reagent). Dose product to achieve 8 – 12 ppm Phosphate in the boiler.
  • USCS 6850 ingredients meet the requirements of 21CFR 173.310 for steam which comes in contact with food.