Cooling Towers Pre-treatment

Last Updated: May 18th, 2019

When deciding what makeup water to use for a cooling tower, consider the following:

City/Well make up water:  This is the easiest option. Water chemistry can vary from location to location so it is very important to do a makeup water analysis prior to determining if city water can be used. You might want to consider our water testing kit for a free analysis and recommendation. It is important to consider calcium hardness, total hardness, chloride levels, silica levels and much more. If your water is relatively “clean” of harsh minerals, this is a great option for makeup water to a tower.

Soft Water: Softening the makeup water is a good option for water that is very high in total hardness (<250ppm). This shifts the focus of treatment from preventing scale formation to preventing corrosion. You can read more here about our chemical that is great for soft water make up the tower. Please note, softening the water does not reduce conductivity. It will only eliminate hardness from the water.