Water Treatment Options for Steam Boilers

Last updated: May 22, 2019


The All-in-One option is great for a smaller boiler system (less than 200hp) that may only have one injection point for chemicals. The All-in-One boiler chemical has a sulfite for oxygen scavenging, polymers for internal treatment of the boiler, and a neutralizing amine for the condensate system. Click here for more information on our All-In-One products

Sulfite, Internal Treatment and Amine:  

If possible to inject chemical in multiple locations, it is best to break out the sulfite, internal treatment and amine. See below for a diagram which shows where to ideally feed each chemical type for best results.

Chemical feed for boilers diagram

Filming Amines: Filming amines are great in situations where traditional water treatment is not enough. Learn more about filming amine technology and how it can benefit your facility.


It is very important to test your boiler water chemistry regularly to make sure you have appropriate levels of chemicals and balance of ions in the boiler system. Click here to find out which tests are most important to perform on a regular basis.


It is important to use the right equipment when feeding chemicals in a boiler. Click here for equipment recommendations