Gemini Dual Containment Tank - Polyethylene 1.5 SG Round tank


Gemini dual containment; 45, 65, 90 or 120-gallon capacity flat-top tank. Dual containment provides a double wall for containment protection when required. Excellent for storage of chemicals or other liquid products. 1.5 specific gravity to hold most liquids.

40 Gallon Specs:
Model Number: 01-29436
Diameter: 22in
Height: 42.5in

65 Gallon Specs:
Model Number: 01-29920
Diameter: 27in
Height: 47in

90 Gallon Specs:
Model Number: 01-30294
Diameter: 34in
Height: 41.25in

120 Gallon Specs:
Model Number: 01-14870
Diameter: 33in
Height: 47in