USCS 1010 - Hi-Silica Cooling Tower Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor

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USCS 1010 is formulated for open cooling tower systems in the intermountain west where silica scale is a serious concern. Blended with corrosion and general scale inhibitors, this product can withstand a silica concentration up to 300ppm. While using this product, it is very important to monitor silica levels in the tower to ensure 300ppm is not regularly exceeded.  

  • No Yellow Metal corrosion inhibitor
  • Roughly neutral pH.
  • Do not exceed 300ppm of dissolved silica in the tower water.
  • Test using the Palin Test kit. Maintain phosphonate level of 8-12 ppm net.
  • Test procedure: The number of drops minus two drops (to zero) x 0.7= ppm Phosphonate

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