USCS 10450 - Cooling Water Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor

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USCS 10450 is specifically designed for open cooling tower systems using soft water makeup. Some hardness is desirable to work with the Organophosphonate in the product to inhibit corrosion, 40-100ppm Ca+2 (as CaCO3) in the tower water would be ideal when possible.

  • Includes inhibitor to prevent yellow metal corrosion.
  • Dose product at 100-200 ppm in the tower/blowdown water.
  • May be used with oxidizing biocides, but dosage of bleach or bromine should be maintained as low as possible, just enough to accomplish the elimination of microbiological growth.
  • Test using the Palin Test kit. Maintain the phosphonate level of 8-12 ppm net.
  • Test procedure: Use the number of drops minus two drops (to zero) x 1.0= ppm Phosphonate.