USCS 666 - Boiler Internal Corrosion & Scale Inhibitor (no amine)

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USCS 666 is a combination of sodium sulfite and a premium internal treatment polymer. However, it is NOT FDA approved for food. It should be used in most small and medium-sized boilers where the use of amine is not suited, or if it is determined that the amine should be fed separately.  

  • Feed USCS 666 Boiler All-in-One Treatment into the boiler feedwater, or directly into the boiler water.
  • Test with the sulfite test kit. Feed at a rate to achieve a residual level in the boiler of 20-60 ppm (20-40 ppm optimum) as SO3, not as Na2SO3. Use the titration reagent for 6ppm/ drop as SO3.