USCS 840 - Steam Condensate Neutralizing Amine


USCS 840 is a blend of three different amines, giving it excellent versatility for most steam systems. Each of the three amines functions best in a different part of the steam and condensate system, giving full coverage in most systems. USCS 840 can be fed at satellite locations in large systems as needed.

  • Feed product to achieve a condensate pH of 8.0 – 9.0. Monitor dissolved iron level in the condensate as a measure of the success of the amine treatment program (DR890 test #33; FerroVer reagent). Iron level should be maintained below 0.50 ppm in the condensate.
  • Product should be fed directly into the steam line if possible. Alternately, it can be fed into the boiler or boiler feed water, but not into the deaerator.