About Us

US Chemical Supply (USCS) was created to fill a very specific need. High quality, online only sales of specialty chemicals. We have eliminated the need for costly office space, service technicians, trucks and other expensive overhead. Thus, we can reduce the cost to our end user dramatically, often beating the competition by 50% or more.

We are a full-service chemical and water treatment company that provides chemicals for boilers and cooling towers along with customer support, water analysis, reporting, and recommendations. We source the highest quality raw materials and our products have been used in various applications across the country with great success.  

Our team of engineers has over 30 years of water treatment and engineering experience. We formulate our blends in-house and have the capability to custom blend a product should your application require it. Currently, we have three blending facilities across the United States to expedite shipping times: 

  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Reno, Nevada
  • Richmond, Virginia

Please email us at Support@USChemicalSupply.com with any questions about your cooling tower or boiler system needs.

 We are here to help!