USCS 600 - Boiler Oxygen Scavenger

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Sodium Metabisulfite (Na2S2O5), Cobalt Sulfate (catalyst)

Metabisulfite will react slowly with the feedwater. Cobalt is added to aid and greatly increase the rate of reaction between the sulfite and oxygen in the water.

  • Feed USCS 600 Oxygen Scavenger to the boiler feedwater system to inhibit oxygen corrosion in the boiler. This product is best fed to the storage section of a deaerator. 
  • Test with the sulfite test kit. Feed at a rate to achieve a residual level in the boiler of 20-60 ppm (20-40 ppm optimum) as SO3, not as Na2SO3. Use the titration reagent for 6ppm/ drop as SO3.